Online Medical Entrance Preparation Platform

a. Passed 10+2 Science (Biology Group) or Equivalent securing at least 50% or GPA 2.4


1. MBBS/BDS/BSc Nursing/BASLP/ B Perfusion Technology

2. BAMS/BSc MLT/BSc MIT/BPT/BPharm/B Optometry

3. BPH (Bachelor in Public Health)



Sample Question

1. A body is projected at an angle of 45° with a velocity 200m/s.The maximum height attained by the projectile is 

A. 200m

B. 400m

C. 800m

D. 1000m

The five kingdom classification system was proposed by

A. Linnaeus

B. Haeckel

C. Whittaker

D. Aristole

In a row of forty adults, P is thirteenth

from the left and Q is ninth from the right

end. How many adults are there between P

and R if R is fourth to the left of Q?

a. 12

b. 13

c. 14

d. 15

The volume of O2 at NTP required for combustion of 1 mole of butane is

A. 291.21

B. 480.61

C. 145.61

D. 11.21

The fluidity of the plasma membrane increases with

a. Increase in unsaturated fatty acids in the membrane

b. Increase in saturated fatty acids in the membrane

c. Increase in glycolipid content in the membrane

d. Increase in phospholipid content in the membrane

Tetradynamous condition is found in:

A. crucifere

B. splanaceae

C. malvaceae

D. composital